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Funeral Arrangements made with Compassion
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In recent years it has become increasingly common for individuals to pre-plan their own funerals. By planning your own funeral in advance you can ensure that your loved ones are aware of your wishes and all the arrangements that you would like are written down and put into place.

With Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors you can organise your entire funeral service right down to the music and flowers and even arrange for a burial or cremation. Our funeral plans will allow you to customise every minute detail, ensuring that when the time comes, your exact wishes will be carried out. If you are interested in pre-planning your funeral, we can arrange for a member of the Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors team to meet you at your home and take you through all of your choices and options.

When it comes to pre-planned funerals, we offer two possible scenarios:

  • Pre-Paid Funeral
    When you pre-pay for your funeral it means that all prices and costs for the funeral are locked in. We know that many people are concerned about the financial burden that a funeral can leave on their family and loved ones. By pre-paying for the funeral yourself, all plans and arrangements are made in advance and no money will be collected from your family when the time comes.

  • Advanced Funeral Plans
    If you do not wish to pre-pay for their funeral, you can still plan for it. With this option your wishes and requests will be written down and kept in a safe place. When the time for your funeral comes, your family will have a detailed list of what you would like to take place down to the smallest detail. Your family will still have the pay the cost of the funeral, but they will be at peace knowing that your wishes will be carried out exactly how you want.


For more information on pre-arranged funerals or to arrange a meeting contact Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors

Coffins – Frequently Asked Questions

Are pre-planned funerals financially safe?

Pre-planned funerals are financially safe and the risk of losing money is little to none. If you have pre-paid then your family will not be charged additional costs when the funeral does take place, The price you paid for all of the arrangements is locked in.

How far in advance can you plan a funeral?

Technically speaking you can plan a funeral as far in advance as you wish. Realistically speaking, most people begin the funeral planning process when they have reached the later stages of their life or if they have developed an illness.

Can changes be made to a pre-arranged funeral?

If payment is not made for the pre-planned funeral then yes changes can be made easily as your wishes are simply outlined in writing and arrangements have not yet been made. If you wish to make changes to a paid pre-arranged funeral then there may be additional costs associated with that.

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