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Funeral Arrangements made with Compassion
Available 24/7


Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors works closely with each family to organise a funeral that meets the wishes and requirements of the deceased. Our goal is to provide assistance and support throughout the entire process. Whatever your wishes may be, whether it’s a church funeral, cremation, non-religious service, humanist and fully green eco funerals catered for through to burial in a green graveyard where a tree is planted for your loved one, we will handle all aspects of the planning, arrangements. We liaise with all graveyards country wide to arrange the purchase of plots.

We fully understand the complexities involved in planning a funeral which can be made even more challenging by dealing with the feeling of grief. Every funeral service should be personal and unique the family and loved ones of the deceased. That is why we place great importance on tailoring our service to every family that we work with. We at Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors will look after the funeral arrangements with sincerity, dignity, respect, and care. Upon contacting us, we will organise and advise on all of the funeral arrangements to ensure that the family's wishes and requirements are met from beginning to end. We can also co-ordinate any requirements the family may have with regard to death notices, family transportation to the funeral, and floral tributes.

Our Services include:

Communicating with the Hospice, Hospital or Nursing Home
Arranging for Transportation of the Deceased
All Documentation and Paperwork
Embalming and Preparation of the Body
Burial Arrangements
Church Arrangements
Coffins and Caskets
Headstones & Memorials
Death Notices
Hearse & Mourning Vehicles
Music and Flowers
Multi-Faith Ceremonies
Non-Denominational Services
Arranging the purchase of plots

We appreciate that planning a funeral can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Our team will always do our best to make the process as stress-free as possible. We can arrange to meet you and your family in your own home or wherever suits you best. We have found that many people find it easier to make plans and arrangements in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Low Cost Funerals

At Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors, we appreciate that funerals are a large expense. From the coffin and the flowers to the headstone and the funeral service itself, there is a huge cost associated with saying goodbye to your loved one, and not everyone is in a position to pay this. That is why we offer a budget friendly alternative.

Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors provides a low cost funeral option. Included in a low cost funeral is the supply of a simple yet dignified coffin, suitable for burial or cremation and fully lined with satin, mounted with brass mountings, and a nameplate fully inscribed with name and date. We also supply a hearse and funeral director from place of death to place of service and afterwards to the cemetery or crematorium.

There will be some professional fees, including co-ordination of arrangements, consultation with the family, hospital, cemetery or crematorium, and any other authorities. However, this option will be much less expensive than a full service funeral. For further details on this, you can speak to a member of our team directly.


Repatriation is the process of returning the deceased to their country of citizenship. Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors has years of experience organising for repatriation both back to Ireland and out of Ireland. Our team will make all the arrangements to safely and properly take your loved one back home. We handle all the necessary documentation and paperwork, make contact with the relevant embassies, and make travel arrangements.

Repatriation Back to Ireland

  • We will work directly with the undertaker or funeral director appointed in the foreign country.

  • Arrange to have the deceased brought back home as quickly as possible.

  • Handle all paperwork to allow for the smooth transportation of the body.

  • Inform and update the family of all flight and transport arrangements.

  • Plan the funeral and make arrangements with the family so that the funeral can take place as soon as the deceased arrives home.

Repatriation Out of Ireland

  • We will obtain all the necessary paperwork such as the death certificate and out of state papers.

  • Collect the deceased from the place of death and prepare the body for transport and the funeral service.

  • Facilitate a viewing for family, friends, and loved ones in our funeral home before the deceased is repatriated.

  • Arrange for flights and transportation to the destination country and inform the family of all details.

  • Make arrangements and liaise with with the chosen funeral director in the destination country.


For more information on funeral arrangements and our funeral services contact Anderson & Leahy Funeral Directors

Funeral Arrangements – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to delay a funeral?

Yes it is relatively easy to delay a funeral. Modern developments in effective embalming techniques offer more options to families. So if you have family travelling from abroad to the funeral, or any other reason for that matter, you can delay the service until all loved ones are available to attend.

Who do I need to notify of the death?

There a number of people who need to be notified of a death including the next of kin, the GP, and the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. In certain cases, the Guards may need to be notified. You may also need to inform the Department of Social and Family Affairs. We can discuss all of these with you in further detail if required.

Are there any grants to assist with funeral costs?

The Death Benefit is a Social Welfare Grant that helps to pay funeral expenses. There are a number of other grants and payments that you can apply for following the death of a family member to assist with bills and dependents. If you would like any advice on how to apply for these then we can help.

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